Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Apart from being a enourmously tricky country name to spell and famous for it's great beers I really didn't know much more about this Eastern European country. Ever since XXX (corny I know) I had really wanted to visit Prague.

Getting from the Airport into the old city was a little painful but having said that I don't believe I had chosen the easiest of routes. A bus followed by a transfer to a train eventually had me in old town square. Don't expect any help buying train tickets just press buttons and hope for the best.
My choice of accomodation was Old Prague Hostel. The central location and free internet came in real handy.

Prague has a reputation for being super scenic so I came prepared with my new Cannon EOS 350D and no idea how to use it. So what does one do in Prague apart from trying to get in the frame of as many tourists holiday snaps as possible? I had great fun on the Prague pub crawl. If you are ever there grab a handfull of people and give it a crack as it's a massive night out.

I was in a bit of a classical mood and czecked out my fair share of musical concerts including Vivaldi Four Seasons, Mozart, Bach and a whole host of other stuff i have absolutely no idea about. The quality of the shows was fantastic although im in no way a classical music connoissuer.

It was really interesting to learn about Czechs painfull past including communisms cruel grip of the country and it's peoples. A visit to the Museum of Communism was well worth the trouble and really placed a few of the towns landmarks like Wenceslas Square in a differant light. Haunting as well to learn of the legacy of Jan Palach who set himself on fire to protest against the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union.

After a trip to idos.com your number 1 travel information website in Czech Republic I was off to Cesky Krumlov. Cesky didn't dissapoint. I stayed at Krumlov House Hostel. This place deserves a special mention cause the girls at Krumlov Hostel were second to none and really made everyone feel at home during their stay in Cesky Krumlov. In my opinion you cannot stay anywhere else.

Cesky Krumlov was even more photo worthy than Prague and a real eye opener. I spent most of my time walking around trying to take as many photos as possible. Cesky was short of many other activities apart from drinking and resauranting.

Being the winter there was not that much else going on. I imagine the summer would be much more eventful with Kyaking down the river that snakes itself in and around the small town.

But my time in Czech was coming to a close as I prepared for the ride over the border into Austria. Leaving the country it suddenly dawned on me that I had only learnt one word from the Czech language; Pivo = Beer. How appropriate.