Monday, July 02, 2007

Golf in the Garden of Eden

In Norway you have to sit a course in order to play golf on a course, but in this fine country any old hack can wield a club. So thats pretty much how I rate myself in this game that must be the most frustrating on earth. My swing is enough to make any half decent golfer cringe on sight.

Another lengthy port call at Eden in NSW meant that we could organise a afternoon down on the local country club course. After seeing a decent dumping of rain in the previous week it was wet work for all. It didn't mind the local Kangaroos who provided a great novelty. What a life they have eating grass and laying about in the sun even if you do have to get hit by a golf ball every know and then. The interesting part though was putting around clumps of kangaroo poo on the greens.

Shot of the day was definitely me on the 8th hole when trying to chip 80m onto the green, the ball hit the tree in front of me and shot back at me landing behind where i had just hit it. Amusing for my golfing buddies but I nearly broke my first club around that f*%king tree.

I would loved to have blamed my even worse than average golfing on the strange set of clubs in my hands or on the difficult conditions, but I would just be kidding myself. It was a great day out though, a nice course and definitely worth another visit sometime in the future.


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