Saturday, February 24, 2007

25 Bellow

On the next leg of my journey I was off to Trondheim with high expectations of even better boarding. A colleague of mine so generous enough to be my guide for the stay. We journeyed out to east of Trondheim towards the Swedish border stopping at Unesco World Heritage Listed Røros. Due to the towns location and other climatic factors, it is one of the coldest places in Norway. The next day after I visited it was -36 deg C.

We continued on towards the Swedish border and arrived just short of it, at our destination, a log cabin in the middle of the Norwegian wilderness. Snowing the whole 24 hours before we arrived we had to dig our way in. I could have been mistaken for a 6 year old being that close to so much snow, it was a huge novelty for me.

Over the next few days we struck perfect weather snowboarding in Sweden just over the border from Brekken at a place called Tanndalen. Unluckily I was caught trying to swipe this Swedish flag as fire kinderling back to the cabin. Just kidding, the Swedish aren't so bad as they sell really cheap alcohol (compared to Norway that is!).

It struck -24 degrees C during one of the nights in the cabin but the daytime was fantastic with perfect conditions for cross country skiing. I strapped on my skis for only the second time in my brief but illustrious career.

I found the flat bits okay but it was the downhill bit that really stuffed me up. We climbed a mountain one day and I practically fell my way down. Imagine throwing a bag of potatoes from the top of a really steep slope and that was me. Great entertainment for my Norwegian counterparts who were born on skis.


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