Thursday, August 17, 2006

My A*! it burns! Vung Tau

Crew change this time took place in Vung Tau just south east of Ho Chi Minh City. The French were numerous here in the early 1900's and apparently named the place Cap St Jacques. It used to be a world renowned holiday location but oil industry activities offshore here have deflowered this quaint little seaside town.
About the best fun you can have here apart from drinking and debauchery is to head to the local markets and let your eyes feast upon the local delights. It's easy to see the French influences from the past. The following sights had our CGG colleagues licking their chops!

This little guy was still alive and jumping around although im betting he wasn't feeling 100%. Cruel? Undoubtedly, but at least they aren't seasoning them in salt.
Dinner was fantastic at a local Indian restaurant but the servings were too small. We ate for 10 US each which I thought was expensive for such a country (including beer.) I happened to eat some of the hottest chilli in the world I think. Needless to say i am payed for it later.
The beer and bars took it's toll well into the night and when getting back to my hotel room I struggled for at least 10 minutes trying to turn all the 67 lights off in my seemingly vast and barren (of light switches) room before passing out with most of them still on.

In the morning we joined Titan after a transfer between boats worthy of making the most uncompetent of QHSE managers cringe. We were back to work and Vung Tau was behind us like a distant memory, or is it still with me? Shit! When you gotta go, you gotta go....


Blogger Richie said...

Steve Me old Mucker

Viet Nam cool, Australia sucks big time.

Here is Johnny Olsons league No 550271-86008

Here Jon DeHai's League No 207990-84419

Here is the WesternGeco League 550271-86008

Hope these help dont forget to Buy bellamy at Liverpool.

7 and a wake up Yaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


2:25 PM  
Blogger Steven Ryan said...

Fantasy team has started out dreadfully. What does my head in is that i went with Zamora for the most of last year through thick and thin. This year he was not in my squad and he scores a double in the first game. That's cruelty for you. What is Carraghers game? What is he doing not playing a full game?

3:14 AM  

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