Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heaven and Hell

Im not much of a religious man but when Heaven comes to mind I think of Whiteness, peace, serenity and a bit of Jesus all rolled into one. Well I came close to it minus the Jesus bit at Oppdal south of Trondheim. Oppdal is the equivalent of the Off Piste Mecca in my world. The lifts get you up the hill, somewhat painfully after a while may I add since the majority of lifts on this mountain are Tbars. Once you are up there its all up to you, take the groomed run or carve through acres of virgin powder.

On the way back from Oppdal we managed to drop in on Hell which is also located in Trondheim much to my amazement. But Hell really wasnt what I imagined. All that fire and brimstone folly was just pure tosh. It was freezing. But nonetheless I couldn't resist pulling the sign. This ones for you Satan!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No credits to the photographer..?

I'll sue you for violating the copyright laws.. :-P

Or you can buy me a beer next time we meet.. :-)



5:55 PM  
Blogger Steven Ryan said...

You got me there. Great photo Frodo its one of my favorites actually. Thanks for not laughing at me too much when I fell over. Next beer will be mine.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Jenkins said...

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