Thursday, November 02, 2006

Crossing The Line

On October 30th 2006 a event happened which will probably haunt me for some time to come. At the very least it's going to cost me hundreds in Therapy. I, the innocent Pollywog was bought before King Neptune whilst crossing the equator to answer charges laid against me. For the rest of the initiated it was basically a chance to humiliate other people. Whilst a lot of us have heard and read of the blighted history of crossing the line ceremonies all Pollywogs anticipated the worst.

It started off pretty innocently with eggs, flower and a bit of dye colouring before the Shellbacks moved on to more hard waste torture. Keep in mind that this stuff had been sitting around on the helideck for over a week festering in the equatorial heat.

All pollywogs were served their 'Justice' and were one by one released from their shackles. I can't even remember my charges I believe I was spitting out butter at the time. True pain and suffering was promised for the last pollywog and would you believe it was me? Some remarks before the event to which I now regret, penciled me in for this honour. Honestly I should just shut my mouth sometimes.

So now I am a Shellback therefore i have published a copy of my certificate therefore ensuring that I never have to go through this ever again.