Friday, August 03, 2007

BBQ: The Art Of

The sense of relief was almost tangible with the troubled waters of the Bass Strait far behind us. Friday saw us in what seemed like a parallel world, West of Timor with fair seas and sun shinning. Ships crew took the opportunity to redecorate the Galley which meant that it would be out of action for the day. But feast on cold sandwiches we did not! Out came the trusty, rusty BBQ. Members from countries all around the globe looked on as our Aussie catering staff whipped the BBQ up in a flash. Within no time we had what looked like a hobby farmers herd of cattle sizzling away before our eyes.

Wine with no alcohol appeared on the tables in front of us like a neat magicians trick but the novelty was short lived. The tast of this stuff, I imagine something like horrendously outdated ribena juice.

With the Indonesian island of Alor as our back drop the serious business of BBQing continued until everyone could eat no more. I took time to marvel at Regis's steak and how he preffered it practically straight off the cows back, something I hear the French are famous for? Give me my BBQ'd steak anyday with charcoal and tomato sauce in between 2 slices of bread. Who's right you ask? Well who is going to take seriously a country that decides to exchange Rib eye steak for frogs legs in their outdoor cooking adventures? We don't call it 'The Lucky Country' for nothing!