Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Aussie Win Sobotaged!

A increase in disturbing evidence comes to light on Brazils blatant fixing of the game versus Australia in which the records will show, came out victors on Sunday night 2-nil. Several high profile world cup observers have claimed that both Brazil's goals were offside, namely the Australian coach Gus Hiddink.
In what was a disgraceful display of umpiremanship Brazil were awarded two obvious offside goals to cruise through to the end of the match. To make matters worse Aussie star midfielder and perhaps most debonair competitor at this years World Cup Harry Kewel was booked for 'professional misconduct' after the game when questioning the referees. Just goes to prove even the Aussies can't beat a 13 man team. The Aussie army of supporters eagerly await this evenings decision that could see Kewel ruled out for the crucial do-or-die clash against Croatia this Thursday.
The incident has sparked hostile Eropean-Australian relations with Aussie beverage company Fosters placing a immediate halt on all exports to Europe pending Fifa's decision on Kewel.
They are all a bunch of wine drinking pixies anyway.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

HOW GOOD IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting away from the usual posts to more important news. Australia beats Japan 3-1. Australia now confirms themselves as a 'World Power' by beating possible challengers to the World Cup trophy Japan. In what was not so unbelievable circumstances. Australia scored 3 goals in the last 6 minutes to serve a pasting to the Japs.
Australia now sets their sites on their next game against Brazil which could prove challenging for the in form Aussies. After the victory captain Mark Viduka was asked what it would be like to take home the World Cup tropy he replied:

"We'll take it one step at a time at this stage, we've really got to concentrate on winning our next game first... But I decided to get the missus to clean out the trophy cabnet."

You've got to love the guy!

In what was contreversial circumstances Japan took the early lead in the match with the first goal resulting from a Nakamura free kick. The Celtic midfielder with typical Irish luck hit the back of the net after a blatent shove by another Japanese player kept Australian goalkeeper out of any chance of making the save. The goal was still awarded however. The referee later apologized to Australian players. I think history will show that Australia beat Japan 3-0.

Brazil here we come!