Monday, March 16, 2009

Don's 50th

No seismic crew is complete without it's fair quota of Newfies. Therefore when we saw that Don's 50th birthday was rounding the corner we would make an effort to do something special since he was stuck on a boat, offshore New Zealand, in a uncomfortable swell 3000 miles away from his family.

So a grand plan was hatched to produce a lunch worthy enough to make his day. All we had to do was find out his favorite food.

Attempts to gain family email address were in vain as no one could quite pluck up the courage to stare over his shoulder long enough to memorise the details. Time was running short and we were desperate.

Smooth talking Rooker the Cooker offered to casually strike up a conversation with Don in order to extract the precious information. What followed was a serious breach in communication between the organizing team. Not only did Rooker the Cooker ask about Don's favourite food, Ingy, Haydn, Troy and Ewalina did as well. Our Don is a cluey kind of guy and had us worked out fairly quickly. No doubt he started working this to his advantage by the time the last people had asked.

So the Titan catering crew had it all organised by game day with a equally impressive birthday cake. We managed to get a few smiles out of him.

So what did Don choose as his favourite meal?
a) Boiled Seal
b) Beef Jerky
c) Licorice
d) Spaghetti Bolognaise